Player Development

A key focus of the ABA is providing a wellbeing and player development program for all Australian Basketballers.

What is the Player Development Program (PDP)?

The Player Development Program (PDP) is a multidimensional initiative that provides Players with informative opportunities in four focal areas to empower and enable them to be in control of their lives at the beginning, during and at the transitional period of their basketball career.

Focal Areas of PDP

The Player Development Program (PDP) ensures that there is structured and ongoing assistance provided to players.

We endeavour to plant a ‘seed’ in players that their career and life goes beyond their basketball career and there is no time like the present to create this.

Fundamentally, by bringing awareness to this and providing a platform, we give players the skills they need to maximise their time in the game now, as well as create well equipped individuals ready to make the most of their next career opportunity in turn creating ambassadors of basketball.

Professional Development
  • Personalised career/development/life plans
  • Financial Checklist and Literacy training
  • Networking and Commercial Orientation sessions
  • (Contracts/Agents/Sponsorships)
  • ABA Assist Partner activations and links
  • Education and training grants
  • The Player and the Law/Contract
  • Understanding Code of Conduct
Personal Development
  • Life Skills Education/Skill Development
    • Resilience
    • Conflict resolution
    • Leadership etc.
  • Personalised career/development/life plans
  • Community Engagement initiatives (the bigger picture)
  • Wellbeing Education/Skill Development
  • Curriculum to educate and upskill Players – ideally developed by an expert and then train-the-trainer to have past Players deliver content
  • Mental Health & Wellbeing services
  • Australian Athletes’ Alliance (AAA) Shared Psych Network
  • Confidential framework and personal access – with de-identified tracking to ensure the curriculum reflects the mental health needs of Players and appropriate experts engaged.
  • Management of career pathway
  • Next Step evaluation
  • Mental Health support
  • Elective post-career programs (financial education, counselling)